Frequently Asked Questions


Get all your queries regarding Dental Care answered here, and
understand how to maintain your sunshine ‘Smile’.

1.How can I make my teeth whiter?

Teeth cleaning (scaling of teeth) and teeth whitening (teeth bleaching) are 2 procedures that we can do to make your teeth whiter. Sometimes veneers are also recommended by the dentist to improve the smile and make them sparkling white.

Depending on the teeth arrangement and color, texture of the teeth, smile can be improved in many ways. Smile designing is one of the best ways to improve smile drastically and having braces treatment is again the one of the best things to have to improve the smile.

Process of tooth removal is done under local anesthesia. So, it’s a completely painless procedure. In certain situations, it can cause little pain but dentist will give medications to overcome that pain.

Its completely painless treatment. Now a days with improved technology and methodologies, root canal treatment is no more painful procedure.

It is advisable to visit a dental clinic after every 6 months for follow up visit and teeth cleaning to maintain oral hygiene in its best achievable state.

Best and most effective way is to brush twice a day and rinse mouth after every meal or snacking. Flossing and using mouth wash are again a good habit to improve oral hygiene. Also, teeth cleaning by a Dentist in Kharghar after every 6 months.

Brushing twice and rinsing after every time we eat is the best way of maintaining oral hygiene. For above 5 years kids, we can also do flossing if needed.

The answer is YES. After following certain protocols and taking precautions dentistry is completely safe for all procedures. All safety measures and protocols are followed completely at our clinic.