Do you like to smile with perfect confidence? If you do, you need to position your teeth using dental braces to maintain facial aesthetics and create a more attractive and healthier smile.

However, before you decide whether or not bite correction is right for you, you must understand what dental braces treatment are? So, here is presenting you with facts that should explain to you everything that you need to know about dental braces treatment.

Dental braces are an appliance consisting of wires, brackets, and bands used to align or straighten the teeth and get them back in the right position.

An orthodontic specialist undertakes this procedure. This treatment helps in positioning teeth correctly, jaw correction, and improvement in chewing and smile aesthetics. With regards to the braces treatment options available, it is your orthodontist who will advise you.

What Are The Types Of Braces Available?
There are five types of
Dental Braces treatment available to you. They are as follows:

a. Metal Conventional Braces:
Metal Conventional Braces is the most traditional type of Dental Braces available today. It is also much more comfortable and smaller in size. Furthermore, the wires use your body heat to move teeth more quickly and less painfully.

More importantly, no age limit is attached, and therefore patients belonging to all ages can choose to straighten their teeth using metal braces.

b. Metal Self-Ligating Braces:
These are mainly metal brackets with a shutter or lock system. As compared to the traditional Dental Braces, these are smaller in size and more comfortable.

c. Ceramic Conventional Braces:
They are Dental Braces having clear brackets. These have shades of tooth colour; thus, they blend in more naturally with your teeth. Since these braces are less prominent, they require more care and protection than metal braces as they are larger and more brittle.

In other words, they need extra protection and hence are mostly in the upper than lower teeth.

d. Lingual Braces:
These are heavy metal Dental braces placed behind the teeth. They can even be made even of silver or gold. The treatment is highly aesthetic and less visible.

e. Aligners:
They are medical-grade plastic trays that do not require any braces or wire. The best part of this type of Dental Braces is that they are invisible, which meets with the aesthetic concerns, making it very appealing to adults who need orthodontic treatment.

What Is The Right Time To Get Braces?
In life, when it comes to physical, mental, or dental health, every individual's needs are different. Hence there is not the right time to get braces.

The orthodontic treatment you can receive is at the tender age of 7-years-old, and there is no upper limit with regards to age. However, the ideal age would be between 10 to 14 years.

How Much Do Teeth Braces Cost In Navi Mumbai, India?
In India, the cost of applying teeth braces ranges from INR 30000 up to INR 350000 and depends on the choice made by the orthodontist and the choice of the patient.

What Do Braces Do To The Teeth?
Dental Braces serve as a tool that helps straighten out your teeth by bringing them into position. An orthodontic specialist generally undertakes this procedure.

Do Braces Fix Your Teeth Permanently?
Dental Braces do not fix your teeth permanently. They serve as a guide to make them straight. With some measures and care after finishing the treatment, we can maintain teeth' beauty for life.

Can Brace Ruin Your Teeth?
Wearing Dental Braces will not damage your teeth, but maintaining low wear and poor oral hygiene will adversely affect your teeth' enamel and gum health.

How Long Do You Have To Wear Braces To Straighten Your Teeth?

To complete the orthodontic treatment, it would take an average of 12 months or one year, depending on the treatment's complexity.

What Are The Things They Put On Your Teeth For Braces?
The orthodontist adds a small amount of glue kind of material in each tooth's center to attach brackets, small metal, or ceramic dental devices.

How Do Braces Work To Straighten Your Teeth?
Dental Braces, when applied to your mouth by your orthodontist at the best orthodontic dental clinic in Kharghar, work by exerting pressure on your teeth. It then slowly encourages them to move into the correct position.

More importantly, it is the archwire that puts most of the strain on your teeth, while other parts like the brackets work to hold it in place.

What Are The Dos And Don'ts Of Wearing Dental Braces?
A few Do's and Don'ts that we at the
Perfect 32 Advanced Dental Clinic would like you to follow after undergoing the best orthodontic treatment in Kharghar. They are as follows:

1. Try and avoid sticky food like gum or caramel.
2. Ask for a mouth guard if you play a sport.
3. Consume drinks that are low on sugar content and not carbonated.
4. Brush after every meal and never let food stuck on your braces.
5. Visit your dentist for every follow-up.

1. Don't chew hard food and ice.
2. Do not bite your fingernails.
3. Do not consume more than one soda a week.
4. Do not forget to floss like a boss.